Telescopic Measuring Link Sticks


Live Line Technology insulated telescopic measuring sticks are used to measure the height of an overhead line. It is often necessary to carry out maintenance operations when designing, maintaining or inspecting an overhead line to ensure that the specifications and standards are maintained and upheld.

Live Line Technology insulated telescopic measuring sticks provide large printed and clear numbers running alongside the blue line spline of the telescopic fiberglass insulated stick.

The insulated stick as are available in lengths from 5 meters – 15 meters. The unit can be used as a conventional telescopic link stick, carrying out normal maintenance duties with the advantage of the measurement units.

Measurement of an overhead line is easy and accurate

Measurements are made in millimeters (MM)

International Standards – The units are manufactured in accordance with International test requirements ASTM D149 which is the 100kv/30cm dielectric withstand test & mechanical requirements in ASTM D711, & ASTM F1826, and in accordance with IEC 855.

The insulated telescopic measuring sticks are supplied with a certificate on conformance to the mechanical and dielectric requirements set out in the ASTM and IEC standards.

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