Static Discharge Sticks


Medium voltage insulated static discharge rods are used in and near substation switchgear environments.

Once the system voltage has been de-energised (substations typically operate between 132Kv/33KV/22KV/11KV/6.6KV ), a static discharge stick is used to conduct any static build up to an earth bar, or earth point.

The units are manufactured in accordance with International test requirements ASTM D149 which is the 100kv/30cm dielectric withstand test & mechanical requirements in ASTM D711, & ASTM F1826, and in accordance with IEC 855.

Certificate of conformance accompany discharge rods

Discharge insulated rods have been tested to 100kv/foot or 100kv/30cm.

The applicable standard that they comply to is – OSHA 1910.269

Discharge rods are available in 1m or 3m lengths. They are not to be used as Earthing kits or grounding sets, which are only installed after the discharge rod has been used to remove any static build up on the conductors.

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