Solid Straight Sticks (Substation Operating Sticks)


Solid straight sticks are by linesman to open and close solid links, (open/close the circuit) carry out maintenance operations on live line surge arrestors and provide restoration to in substations without having to turn the voltage supply off.

Solid straight sticks are manufactured according to the standards ASTM F711, ASTM F1826  and OSHA Sub.  V sec. 1926.951(d), and have 100kv/foot or 100kv/30cm. It is important to observe the minimum operating distances when working with higher voltages as the stick may be shorter than the minimum allowable distance for the applicable voltage.

LLT Solid straight sticks (Substation sticks) are used in substations and are available in  1,2M (LLT-SS104) , 2.5M (LLT-SS108) & 3M (LLT-SS110) Solid straight sticks for substations.

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