We believe that the safety of human resources is of the utmost importance.

Conformance Certified

Certificates of conformance are provided with the insulated telescopic link sticks.

Wide Range

Telescopic link sticks range in length from 2m – 17m , for voltages up to 132Kv/30cm.

Thoroughly Tested

Live Line Technology insulated telescopic link sticks are tested to 100kv/30cm.

The units are fiberglass foam filled at the end section for the first meter. The remaining sections are fiberglass  with the telescopic buttons.

It is important to observe the minimum working distances between the operator and the live conductor. Although the telescopic link stick is tested to the standards All instruments are manufactured from the highest grade electrical rated fiberglass and meet or exceed all applicable industry performance criteria including ASTM F711, ASTM F1826, and OSHA 1926.951(d).

Minimum safety working distances

Voltage range ( Phase to Phase) kV Safe distance to operate
2.1kV-15kV 2 feet or 0,6 meters
15.1kV – 35kV 2 feet or 0,6 meters
35.1kV-46kV 2 feet or 0,6 meters
46.1kV – 72.5kV 3 feet or 1.1 meters
72.6kV-121kV 3 feet or 1.1 meters
138kV – 145kV 3 feet or 1.1 meters
72.6kV-121kV 3 feet or 1.1 meters
138kV – 145kV 3 feet or 1.1 meters
161Kv – 169kV 3 feet or 1.1  meters

List of Products

What Are Link Sticks Used For?


Link sticks are used by linesman to open and close solid links, (open/close the circuit) carry out maintenance operations on live line surge arrestors and provide restoration to overhead networks without having to turn the voltage supply off.

LLT Link sticks are available in from 2M (6 foot) to 18M lengths (60 foot) and are used on reticulation lines ranging from 3kv-132kv lines.

LLT Telescopic Link sticks are available from 2 meter lengths for bucket operation (7 foot) to 15 meter lengths for HV lines (50 foot). Most popular voltages are reticulation lines ranging from 3kv to 132kv lines, whether it be in substation switching, overhead operations in a cherry picker, or simply maintenance carried out from ground level. Live Line Technology Blue Line Telescopic link sticks have features which include the longest, lightest and easy to use sticks in the medium voltage electrical market.

International Standards

The units are manufactured in accordance with International test requirements ASTM D149 which is the 100kv/30cm dielectric withstand test & mechanical requirements in ASTM D711, & ASTM F1826, and in accordance with IEC 855.